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All Our Real Wood Carrom Boards and Accessories are ACF, ICF, AICF, RIKSH & AQIS Compliant

Carrom Boards Australia is now the Largest and Only Carrom Boards Online Specialist retailer in Australia. We are the only Company in Australia with the most products Manufactured that Comply with the Strict Regulation Standards & Guidelines set down by either or both The Australian and International Carrom Federations.

Our parent Company Carrom Australia Pty Ltd, started selling Carrom Boards & Accessories 23 years ago, and this year in 2020 celebrates 23 years of doing business in Australia.

We guarantee to always provide to our valuable customers the Lowest Prices, Best Service, Latest Products, Largest Range and are the premiere Company in Australia to offer quality guaranteed or your money back if you are not totally satisfied with the quality of our products upon delivery refer (Terms & Conditions). This is our commitment and forms part of our company charter of trading.

The business has now evolved over time and we now offer the very latest and best selection of Real Wood Carrom Boards, Carrom Accessories, Wood Chess Sets, Backgammon Sets and Poker Chip Sets. Our Exclusive Carrom boards, Chess sets and Backgammon sets are all individually hand crafted and mastered to perfection by experienced and highly skilled master craftspeople. All our products are subjected to rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. This we insist in order to maintain the very high standards and quality that is expected by both our customers and ourselves. 

For Australian and international weather conditions, only the very best woods are selected and seasoned for use in the manufacture of all our products. The manufacturing plants in India are all ISO9001 Compliant and now produce our Exclusive Carrom Boards & Accessories including our wood Chess & Backgammon sets.

Our Carrom products are used for all levels of local, State and international sporting competitions. 

Experience the difference today, as our Our Carrom Boards & Accessories are used at all levels of local play, Clubs, State and International sporting competitions.

We believe that we do have one of the most comprehensive, popular and unique range of the finest Carrom Boards, Carrom Accessories, Backgammon + Chess sets & Poker Chip Sets in Australia.